Feb 27

Brightlingsea 9-3 Cressing

Brightlingsea welcomed Cressing this week having dropped down to 3rd in the league table after a couple of inconstant weeks. Cressing on the other hand are the only team to beat leaders Southend this season, so a difficult match was to be expected.

Brightlingsea got off to an absolute flyer in the pairs which saw Brightlingsea run out to a 4-0 lead, first up Alan Collins & Kevin Edwards beat Rhys & Sam Hayden in just 32 darts to average a combined 31.28. Next Tony Osborne & Bryan Margerison beat Ryan Harrington & Alex Tinsley in 41 darts. Joe Twinn & Sam Lepley got the 3rd set with and impressive victory over Tim Franklin & Stuart Thorogood in 33 darts to average a combined 30.33. Colin Lloyd & Gavin Payne finished the pairs rout in 40 darts to see of the challenge of Robbie Caton & Mike Hancocks.

Onto the singles and Brightlingsea could not and hoped for a better situation to be in after the pairs, Tony Osborne first up beat Cressing Skipper Alex Tinsley 3-0 in legs of 22, 19 & 18 darts to average 25.47. Cressing did get the next set in game of the night as Kevin Edwards lost out to Ryan Harrington in a last leg decider, Kev won the first leg in 15 darts, whilst doubles cost Kevin in the second and Ryan finished in 19 darts. Kevin then restored his lead in 24 darts but Harrington again responded this time with a 13-dart leg. In the decider 3 One Hundred plus scores wasn’t enough for Kev as Harington won the leg in 14 including a 180! Kevin averaged 28.38 and Ryan averaged 29.66, a good set to watch! Cressing then pulled another one back, Brightlingsea’s Sam Lepley, lost out 3-1 to Mike Handcocks, with Mike winning in 21, 21 & 16 darts. Bryan Margerison followed up with his impressive form of being unbeaten in his last 8 matches with a 3-0 victory over Robbie Caton in legs of 21, 23 & 23 darts. The score line became 6-3 as Brightlingsea’s Alan Collins lost out to Rhys Hayden in another last leg decider, A bit of a scrappy battle saw Rhys win the first leg in 26 darts before Alan levelled in 24 darts, Rhys then found his range and won the 3rd in 16 darts, Alan levelled the 4th in 19 darts, Alan then missed a dart at Tops to let Rhys in to win the set in 19 darts. The last 3 sets went the way of the home team. In set 6 we got a masterclass from the former PDC world number One as he destroyed Tim Franklin in just 43 darts as he went 17, 13, 13 darts to average a very impressive 34.95, the highest average in the league so far! In the 7th set Joe Twinn beat Sam Hayden 3-1 with legs of 28, 22 & 20 darts and finally Gavin Payne beat Stuart Thorogood 3-0 to finish the scoring in 25, 20 & 21 darts.

The match ended with an impressive 9-3 victory over Cressing, who to be fair, had a few big players missing that may have had a huge influence on the score, nonetheless Brightlingsea are back to winning ways with a big Tendring Derby coming up next week as they travel to Clacton.

Match Sheet – 2017-02-22 – Cressing (Home)