Rayleigh 5-7 Brightlingsea

Brightlingsea climbed aboard the bus to Rayleigh looking to bounce back from the previous weeks defeat to Southend.

Brightlingsea found themselves one nil down after the first pairing as Rab Scott, who replaced Darren O’Neill from the previous week, and Gavin Payne lost out to Essex County duo Lennie Holmes & Mick Peel. Brightlingsea soon levelled it up with Joe Twinn & Sam Lepley beating Nick Benson & Gary Barber in 38 darts, with Sam averaging an impressive 32.83 individual average. Brightlingsea then went ahead, the consistent pairing of Alan Collins & Kevin Edwards beat Stephen Kiamil & Aaron Searle. The Rascals levelled up in the last pair as Ben Adams & Phil Daldry beat Tony Osborne & Bryan Margerison in 38 darts hitting 6 ton plus scores!

2-2 after the pairs and onto the singles, Brightlingsea got off to a flyer with Tony Osborne winning 3-0 with a great average of 33.40 over Gary Barber. Tony won in 16, 14 and 15 darts hitting a 180 and shooting out on 104 in the third leg, the joint highest average in the league so far. The Rascals then levelled to 3-3, Stephen Kiamil hit a Man of the match average beating Rab Scott 3-0 in 15, 18 and 18 darts averaging 29.47. Rascals went in front again in this tight battel, Mick Peel beat Sam Lepley in 4 legs in a scrappy affair. This time it was Brightlingsea’s turn to level, Bryan Margerison played excellent in his 3-2 win over Nick Benson, with winning legs of 17, 18 and 15, Bryan hit 10 ton plus scores and a 180 averaging 28.90, a hard score line on Nick as he averaged 26.31. Rascals restored the lead to 5-4 when youngster Lewis Gilson was very impressive as he beat Alan Collins 3-1, with winning legs of 14, 27 and 19, Gilson hit two 180’s ad averaged 25.44. Brightlingsea then showed some class and won the last three sets to win the match. Game of the night proceeded in the 6th set with Joe Twinn edging out Lennie Holmes in 5 legs! Joe won in 15, 18 and 14 darts and averaging 29.94! Lennie averaged 27.21, Joe hit 12 ton plus scores and both players hit a maximum in a quality contest. Kevin Edwards then beat Ben Adams 3-0 shooting out on 109 in the first leg and averaging 26.84. Last on was for the Brightlingsea win was Gavin Payne, who made no mistake in bringing home the points, he won 3-1 over Phil Daldry despite Phil hitting ten scores of 100!

Brightlingsea showed great character to get the win in a hard fault match, Rayleigh Rascals were excellent from start to finish and unlucky not to get a result. Brightlingsea’s next match will see them host newly promoted Chelmsford this coming Wednesday.



Brightlingsea 3-9 Southend


Brightlingsea welcomed the raining Essex Superleague Champions and UK Champions, Southend to North Road in what was sure to be a tough game, and it sure was.

Southend got off to a flying start in the pairs as Brightlingsea’s Darren O’Neill and Bryan Margerison lost out to the pairing of Paul Marsh and John Costigan in 34 darts with a combined average of 29.44! Southend doubled their lead as Dan Day and Steve Hardy defeated Brightlingsea’s young duo of Joe Twinn and Sam Lepley in a set that could have gone either way due to missed doubles. Southend made it 3 with their reliable pairing of Paul Barham and Barry Lynn defeating Alan Collins and Kevin Edwards in 41 darts. Brightlingsea did however steal the last pairs set as Tony Osborne and Gavin Payne defeated Steve Haggerty and Shaun Lovett, despite Steve hitting 4 ton plus scores in 5 throws.

With Brightlingsea 3-1 down after the pairs they looked for a response in the singles, which they got immediately with Sam Lepley beating Steve Haggerty in 5 legs, Sam hit a 180 in the deciding leg which gave him the edge to win the set 3-2. Brightlingsea could have levelled but Darren O’Neill couldn’t take advantage in a scrappy game with Steve Hardy, with Steve emerging a 3-1 winner with winning legs of 22, 15 and 17. At 2-4 to Southend, things took a turn for the worst for Brightlingsea, the usually reliable Kevin Edwards was left beaten by an exception performance from Southend’s summer signing John Costigan, who stunned Kevin in the second leg with Kev missing a dart at the bull, John went up and took out 150! With John averaging 27.33 in his 3-0 win. Brightlingsea pulled another one back with Tony Osborne defeating Shaun Lovett 3-0 with winning legs of 18, 15 and 22, averaging 27.33. What was then to follow were 4 amazing sets by Southend to seal victory, first Paul Marsh, who was undefeated all season for Essex last year, beat Alan Collins 3-0 with a 29.47 average winning in an impressive 16, 17 and 18 dart legs. Southend then got to the magical 7 as Paul Barham beat Brightlingsea’s Bryan Margerison 3-1, with Paul winning his legs in 19, 19 and 21. Bryan hit two 180’s but was unable to prevent defeat. Next up Dan Day for Southend threw a man of the match performance as he beat Gavin Payne 3-1 and hitting a 30.34 average! He won in 13, 18 and 19 darts. The leg Gavin did win in the second he finished with a 118 checkout in 18 darts. Last on Barry Lynn beat Brightlingsea’s Joe Twinn, Joe started well winning the first leg in 15 darts, hitting 3 ton plus scores, then Barry showed his class and won the next three in 20, 15 and 17 darts taking out a 136 in the third leg! 3-9 final score.

Overall were blown away by Southend, who are by far the strongest team in the league! Southend hit a combined team average of 26.70 which will take some beating this season. Brightlingsea will look to get back to winning ways when they Travel to Rayleigh Rascals this coming Wednesday.



Brightlingsea Regent 2-10 Brightlingsea


Brightlingsea travelled 500 yards down towards the promenade to face Brightlingsea Regent in the Community Centre. This was the first time the two sides have met since the split and formation of Regent and the match only had 5 Brightlingsea based players on show.

The visitors Brightlingsea got off to a flying start winning all four of the pairs! First up the usual pairing of Alan Collins and Kevin Edwards beat Kevin Savory and Harwich based Karl Mucklow in 42 darts. Second up, Darren O’Neill and Bryan Margerison beat Lee Woods and Grahame Crump, also in 42 darts. Third up, Tony Osborne and Gavin Payne beat Anthony Neal and Colchester’s Colin Adey in an impressive 35 darts, with Tony averaging 33.39 and hitting 4 tons in his 6 throws. The last pairing of Sam Lepley and Joe twin beat Karl Mullenger and Harwich’s Paul Kempen in 40 darts.

With Brightlingsea dominating after the pairs, they continued to add to the score line in the Singles. First was Alan Collins who beat Kevin Savory 3-1 with winning legs of 22, 20 and 18 completing an average of 25.92. With Alan taking out 91 in the final leg with a combination of 11, Double 20, Double 20, he also hit 11 ton plus scores. Second on was Sam Lepley, but he was unable to stop Regent from getting their first point on the board as he lost 3-0 to Anthony Neal who averaged 25.05 and took the man of the match for Regent. At 5-1, Kevin Edwards was up third, and he blew his opponent Colin Adey away averaging 31.31, the impressive Edwards won in legs of 17, 17 and 14 to claim the huge average and take the Man of the match for Brightlingsea, he found 8 ton plus scores and a nice 100 finish to win the set. Forth up was Bryan Margerison who also won 3-0 over Karl Mucklow with winning legs of 22, 27 and 18. Gavin Payne went 5th and he also won, 3-1 against Regent Captain Mark Henry. Gavin averaged 22.47 but that could have been so much better with Gavin throwing a dart at 8 after 12 darts and missing a further 16 darts at it before eventually hitting double 2 in 30 darts! At 8-1 Regent got another point back when Lee Woods beat Darren O’Neill in a last leg decider, Lee hit a 14 darter in the process and averaged 25.00 in his win. Joe Twinn made it 9-2 next up as he beat Karl Mullenger 3-1 in a scrappy affair, Joe averaged 23.38 and hit a 180 in his 4th leg, which happened to be the only one of the night. Last up Tony Osborne completed the 10-2 score line beating Grahame Crump 3-0 in a poor set.

Brightlingsea will be delighted with the score but know they need to find more when they host the Champions, Southend this coming Wednesday. On paper looks to be a tasty match at Brightlingsea Regent Football Club!



Brightlingsea 10-2 Colchester


Brightlingsea entertained local neighbours Colchester on the opening night of the Essex Super league season, with Brightlingsea just making one change to the team with new signing Sam Lepley joining from Riverside in the summer.

It was the visitors who won the first point of the night in the pairs with Brightlingsea’s Joe Twinn & Sam Lepley losing out to Colchester’s Steve Gentry & Darron Britton. Brightlingsea were level in the next set with a 37 dart leg from Alan Collins & Kevin Edwards, with Alan averaging an impressive 33.21 in their win over Stuart Hunt & Dominic Ryan. Brightlingsea then went 2-1 up with Darren O’Neill & Bryan Margerison beating Mick Cain & Colchester’s new signing Adam Howard. Brightlingsea then pulled two clear with Tony Osborne & Gavin Payne beating Eddie Gosling & Andy Pagett. 3-1 to Brightlingsea after the pairs matches.

Onto the singles and Brightlingsea kept momentum going, first up was Kevin Edwards with a steady 3-0 win over Dominic Ryan averaging 27.33 with legs of 18, 19 & 18. Brightlingsea pulled further clear as Alan Collins threw in a Man of the match performance with a 3-0 win over Stuart Hunt, averaging 28.36 with legs of 19, 18 & 16. The 3rd singles set saw Tony Osborne also winning 3-0 and making it 6-1 on the night with an average of 24.64 which included a 114 finish in his win over Mick Cain. Brightlingsea went on to win the next two sets, firstly Darren O’Neill saw off Brightlingsea based old timer Andy Pagett with a 14 dart last leg decider and Bryan Margerison beat Adam Howard 3-0 in legs of 20, 18 & 24. With the score at 8-1 Colchester then managed to get their first singles point on the board as Colchester’s Darron Britton beat Brightlingsea’s Joe Twinn 3-1 in a scrappy affair. Brightlingsea finished up winning the last two sets and completing the 10-2 win with Gavin Payne beating Colchester and Essex County man Eddie Gosling 3-1, and Brightlingsea’s new man Sam Lepley seeing off Steve Gentry 3-0 to get his debut win in the red and black shirt.

With a convincing opening night win, next week Brightlingsea head down the road to face Brightlingsea Regent in the league for the first time.